15th Century Inventions (1400 – 1499)

1400 • First golf balls invented.
The first piano called the Spinet invented.
1411 • Trigger invented.
1420 • Oil painting invented.
1421 • In Florence, hoisting gear invented.
1455 • Johannes Gutenberg invents printing press with metal movable type.
1465 • In Germany, drypoint engravings invented.
1475 • Muzzle-loaded rifles invented in Italy and Germany.
1486 • In Venice, the first known copyright granted.
1485 • Leonardo DaVinci designed the first parachute.
1487 • Bell chimes invented.
1492 • Leonardo da Vinci first to seriously theorize about flying machines.
Martin Behaim invented the first map globe.
1494 • Whiskey invented in Scotland.


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